Yay! Now I'm only about 3 years behind the technocurve...

Sat Sep 18 2004 20:53:45 GMT-0700 (PDT)

I suppose that I consider myself a pretty high tech guy...but honestly, on many fronts, I'm late to the party. I guess I'm fairly comfortable with that...I do have a lot going on...

After some reasonable refactorings, I cobbled two main features into the noisybox blog: permalinks and an rss feed. Now I'm all hip circa 2000 style. Actually, I don't know if there's any real use in this crap for anybody (including myself!), but it still feels good to support the spirit of the web, yaknow?

The rss feed should show up as a link next to the topmost summary line (the one up there that shows message counts). The permalinks show up as intentionally small, low contrast circles next to the posting time.

Archive.org has all my uploads curated and approved for public display now. Neeto...mostly because I know I'd never get around to building something to support streaming. :) It's also nice to have another place for people to dload from (at high speeds too).

In a typical run of synchronicity, I ended up using the archive.org rss validator to validate the structure of my new feed. Go figure!

These geeks really know how to break it on down.