"...Throws it on a scale throws an eyeball in a cup..."

Sun Jun 26 2005 22:29:57 GMT-0700 (Pacific Daylight Time)

(that's the part of the commercial they don't play). When Shirley and Spinoza and Otis Fodder team up (as is happening right now, live on netradio), wonderful things happen. Thanks people, great stuff. Stacy and I and the dogs went camping this weekend about 2 hours away. Lots of good times hiking through the forest and along the river. Scout finally got to spend some time off leash and totally enjoyed splashing around in the water. Last week, I swapped out the amp chip in that Behringer amp and hooked up the old Infinity speakers in series and sure enough, the amp now works nicely! I should probably break down and buy a replacement speaker for it soon....in any case, it's nice to have some volume, and some of the effects are kinda interesting. I also completed all the remaining assembly for the ghetto drum pads I've been putting off for many months, but it looks like one of the pads got shorted or has a bad solder joint, so I just need to fix that one and it's done.