Streaming noise and Elmo death...downloads for you

Tue Jan 03 2006 23:14:07 GMT-0800 (Pacific Standard Time)

Just wanted to share some great free stuff I've been listing too...and you can too by using the nice little playlist I made just for you (your media player can handle simple m3u files, right?). Some great amazing stuff out there.

Also, I wanted to link to the great story linked from Boing Boing via Fark about Elmo asking children if they want to die. Wonderfully stuff. Although it sounds like a genuine bug/defect to me, I secretly hope it's a technical prankster, along the lines of the Barbie Liberation Organization.

I suppose I'll make a few mentions of project stuff, instead of just linking to links to links as is the blog craze right now.

I released a new nzbperl over the vacation. Nothing groundbreaking, but wrapping up some loose ends before moving on to the next major change set. I'm also finishing up a Debian install/configure on an old laptop. My goal is to remount the thing inside a great little briefcase I bought at a garage sale and add various support technologies that can facilitate noisemaking. Once I start taking the hardware apart (after some addition a configs and getting a [new] sound card for the thing), I should get a project page up.