No wave, drones, dark matter, apocalypse.

Mon Sep 04 2006 23:32:22 GMT-0700 (PDT)

The Gold Room by Lee Rosevere (whose work I'm otherwise not familiar with) is a well-executed interpretation of a not entirely new concept. Beautifully reverberated drones, drawn out, smooth, quiet, and patient. Certainly worth your time to listen...especially in the evening. And speaking of appropriation, I joined up with Danridge on Saturday to check out Kill Yr Idols at the Clinton Street Theater. If you're familiar with any of the No Wave stuff or enjoy Swans/SY/Lunch or whatever, it's certainly worth the price of admission. Hell, I suppose the scathing commentary from the elders is worth the price alone (live footage from the 70s is a rare, solid bonus!). Seeing the new wave of no wave ramble was often a riot. The stark contrast was both uncomfortable and hilarious. Gira, however, tells us that he has no wisdom. Just see it, consider for yourself. Since I keep coming back to Spybey, I decided I should buy some of his newer stuff...and so I grabbed the "Reformed Faction Of Soviet France" and "Klaverland Klompen Voetbal Club". As usual, I think both are quite good. We barbecued yesterday: Halibut, veggie burgers, beef. The cousins and family came over, a good time was had. We played Frets on Fire on the TV, cooked and made a mess and otherwise goofed off. I think it was the first time we had two kids on the house at the same time...and it was easy. :) I've been keeping an eye on the Chumby, because even though it's got pretty tame hardware, I love the idea that it's got WiFi and love the idea that it's silent and the price is actually approaching reasonable. In fact, I'm convincing myself to buy one (of course, when they're actually available and not just vaporware) if only to support the fact that they encourage hacking and spec out open hardware. Stacy's been wanting to install some bifold doors in the house, so we started that next home project today. Turns out to be a gigantic hassle. Or maybe hassle means "interesting challenge" (or at least I used to think as much). Of course, the only off-the-shelf doors you buy at the home remodling place won't fit the space previously occupied by sliding we get to build it out and install moulding to decorate things and cover up the gaps. What started out as hanging a couple of closet doors and tacking up some moulding has turned into a major wall extension and refinishing project. In spite of it all, I secretly kinda enjoy banging on stuff with hammers and trying to figure out how to make it all work out...after all, why would a 2x4 actually be 2"x4" (it's more like 1.5"x3.5")? It's moderately interesting that Infiltration Lab has an entry on without my intervention. It lives. After the next Infiltration Lab release or so, I'm going to try and spend some time on a 'bot that draws with pens. The downside, though, is that there is no time.