Mobius. Of strip.

Sun Feb 18 2007 01:21:40 GMT-0800 (Pacific Standard Time)

Of course, I get hung up on and otherwise find language often interesting. I am frequently capable of finding myself in that certain zone which entertains me and simultaneously frustrates others -- a fixation on wording, language, verbal expression. Oh, I'm no good at it...I never claimed I were. I just noticed that I used "smoking" and "patches" in an unintentionally clever context in my last blog entry. "Oh you're just arguing semantics!". That's all we have, bitch! Reason number 1095 to hate Texas. Digg labs is starting to be a huge time kill for me...I've been a voyeur of human nature for so long...this helps. Fortunately for me, the diggers are narrow and specific...if it were more contextually relevant, I'd be threatened. I have a son now. I love him. I will likely not talk much of him in such a public and impersonal forum. Although once novel, advanced, and technologically impassioned, this whole connected thing is starting to kinda give the spooks. I've already sworn to wean myself off The Googleplex this's going to be challenging. The increasing darknet war on anonymity and relevance and context is long begun. We'll continue to build 29 levels of protocol upon protocol, unless somebody actually reveals that the mathematicians have fucked us long ago. I managed to find a source for the LM709 chips for the CrackleBox, and I made a new Eagle schematic and layout of what we plan on building...should be a fun tribute. I've got 3+ albums half finished...must progress. Building versus recording is becoming a burden (n'. recurring theme). Project-wise, tho, the crackle and the PIC-based artbot (for the Dorkbot hosted PDXbot artbot event) are topping the lists. Insects.