Mini bursts of recent things.

Tue Jul 24 2007 22:49:54 GMT-0700 (PDT)

A friend of mine is continuing to rid himself of worldly posessions...and I keep landing some pretty cool junk as a result. Case in point...this 60's era oscilloscope:

60s scope


Sure, it's old, and likely doesn't work, but the case is just great and the controls alone are worth the somewhat strange looks it fetched on public transit. Not sure exactly what I'll do with it yet, but I'm slightly inspired by the vague but kinda stupidly awesome mini tv instructable. The case might even work as a little portable mini amp, which I've been wanting to build for a while.

...but new projects are on hold until I free up from a few existing the audiopint I'm building. I've ordered 4 iMic sound cards, an extra USB flash drive, and continued securing things to the inside of the case. I'm planning on mounting 8 mono input jacks on the top face tonight...and I need to start thinking about a serial LCD. Although it can certainly go without, even a little 2x16 can provide enough info to give a hint in the visual feedback path.

I recently got copies of the long-awaited 2CD "Power/Field" compilation CD that Bob Bellerue put out. I submitted a track nearly 2 years ago (IIRC it's track 11 on CD1)...and so it's great to see this come to fruition. Of course I'm biased, but the album is pretty damn great.

OSCON is this week, and as a result I get to attend a bunch of geeky talks about open source software and products. Not only am I looking to the shortened commute and temporary freedom from the office...I'm really quite excited about a few of the topics/presenters.