Noise and the future is now.

Sat Feb 28 2009 01:20:28 GMT-0800 (Pacific Standard Time)

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MySpace has always fock MySpace. Well fine, it has it's place, so do the other social nets... Not only is officially and formally a nonprofit with library status, they are also classified as the bee's knees, the good stuff, what's good, what matters. Although this is nothing new, I have to keep reminding myself (and you!) just how fundamentally RAD it is that I can listen to an amazing recording of a noise performance in Estonia a mere day after it was made. The future really is now. This is what radio should be, or at least will be...once we all work around the restrictions. I keep coming back to this idea...about ditching the restrains of monetized networks, for-profit tools, and encouraging people to seek enlightenment. Seek answers through knowing the potential of your tech..... Learn what's out there, what can be done freely, truly freely, let's build tools to help people get free...