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Introducing noise-arch radio

Sun Dec 03 2023 19:10:00 GMT-0800 (Pacific Standard Time)

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Introducing noise-arch radio. It's a thing I created.

It's a long-form audio stream of the items in the noise-arch cassette archive collection on

Not everything in the collection is great, and some of it is obnoxious, but there are some real treasures in there as well! I find it fun to randomly "tune" in now and again to hear what's playing.

I calculated the total runtime from the metadata in the collection -- it's just over 2 weeks. In other words, the playlist will get re-shuffled about every 14 days. It's a lot of content.

I have no idea how many listeners it can support on such a small cloud instance, and I have given zero thought about scaling it. I assume nobody cares or actually wants to listen to this stuff, so whatever.