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CadSoft Eagle still requires 32-bit libs?

Sat Jan 17 2015 00:41:48 GMT-0800 (Pacific Standard Time)

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I found an interesting open/free circuit tonight that I wanted to price out on OSH Park.  The circuit designer was awesome enough to make the design files freely available on the interwebs...but unfortunately (out of the box) they fail the OSH Park upload checker.  "Ok, that's fine, you get what you pay for" I think...I'll just open the files in Eagle and save into a newer version or investigate what's missing...

I haven't installed Eagle PCB in a while (certainly not since I had to reinstall this laptop after the most recent HD failure).  So I go to the download page, grab the installer and run it and.....of course, it fails.

But it fails due to missing 32-bit libs.


It's 2015!  Seriously?  I've suffered with Eagle for more than 15 years now, and in spite of all my persistent gripes about usability flaws and UI cruft, we still sometimes have to use it...but now there's now this problem?  

Seriously CadSoft, it's 2015...

Pink Friday

Wed Apr 30 2014 23:57:23 GMT-0700 (Pacific Daylight Time)

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Really?  This is a thing?


What is this strange future we live in?  How would I describe this to somebody I didn't know?

"It's like a kind of pop-star Westworld slutbot C3PO reality show pepper-spray that you can pay $33 for the privilege of owning?".  I'm clearly too old to grok this...and I'm very happy this was behind glass.  I'm pretty sure it winked at me and threatened to bite us in the face and genitals.  We ran from the building, tripped over the homeless and apologized and encouraged them to run for their lives.  Once they finished swearing and laughing at us in guttertalk it became clear that the sentient head of our dim future fembot overlord spy camera pain nightmare had already manifested.  Her name was Pink or Nicki or something and she had  a tight bright fluorescent wig on her gold replica head and blue vector boobs.

Can we save ourselves?  Can we ruin those allowing it to manifest?  Can we hurt it through mutation and error?