APC - "Atari Punk Console"

("atari punk console")


I can't claim any credit for the original concept, but I've been playing with 555-based timer oscillators in the audible range for a few years. When I saw it given a fresh new name and updated for the zeitgeist, I knew that I should hack one. So I got Eagle PCB working in a 32-bit chroot on an AMD64 based Debian box, built a breadboard, poked around with a few trivial tweaks, and kludged up a noise generator almost entirely out of parts from the junkbox.

I added a power LED, an envelope/distortion LED, a 1/4" audio out, a switched LDR (light dependant resistor), switched 8ohm speaker, and switched caps/resistor combinations. Custom circuit was designed and routed in Eagle PCB and etched using cheapo photocopier-and-transparency iron-on approach. Result was packed into an old tin watch case and given a custom paint-job.


Note: If you use the PCB, there are about 4 jumpers that are not shown on the artwork (the artwork is single sided). The connectors for the 6-pin DPDT switch are probably wrong and need to be decoded (sorry!).


For extreme full size detail, you can browse the raw full size images.


The following brief clips are short demonstrations of the Atari Punk Console.