Thrilling Grunts


This project is a reimagining of Michael Jackson's "Thriller", with the primary purpose of highlighting the grunts and vocal embellishments. The grunts.

I grew up listening to Michael Jackson's "Thriller" on repeat. We danced to it as kids, and it was a pop sensation.

And, MJ is not only the King of Pop, he's also the King of Grunts. That's right, this album is just jam packed with woots and hoots and hollers and all those little vocal embellishments that add some pizazz to pop music. The "hee-hee"s and "whoooo-hoooo"s. You know what I mean.

This project was inspired by a blog post I made in 2009 about a single grunt song I made for another artist. I had this album maybe half finished for 9+ years, and completed it in 2024....not because it was a huge amount of work, but because honestly I had forgotten about it.

  1. Wanna Be Startin' Gruntin' [00:59] [1.9 MB]
  2. Grunting Be Mine [00:31] [980 kB]
  3. The Grunt Is Mine [00:34] [1.1 MB]
  4. Grunter [01:47] [3.3 MB]
  5. Grunt It [00:43] [1.4 MB]
  6. Gruntie Jean [01:31] [2.8 MB]
  7. Grunty Nature [01:45] [3.3 MB]
  8. P.G.T. (Pretty Grunt Thing) [01:15] [2.3 MB]
  9. The Lady in My Grunts [00:55] [1.7 MB]