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Mon Feb 10 2003 07:39:00 GMT-0800 (Pacific Standard Time)

Well, the photos section got a bit of a makeover yesterday. Nothing too amazing, but I think it looks a bit better. I also finally got around to taking "school" off the navbars and replaced it with "misc". I really didn't see the point in keeping such static pages on my main navigation bars...that is, at least, until I go back to school. :) The school stuff is linked from the miscellaneous section...giving me a bit of room to expand. Other server related stuff: I'll probably be doing some log parsing and public shitlisting, more work on navigation improvements, more work on the perl scripts for the LED sign, web interface to the LED sign, web X10 control for the xmas lights on my new display shelf, and eventually a LED sign webcam...among other things!