LED sign links

Tue Mar 01 2005 22:10:51 GMT-0800 (Pacific Standard Time)

I stumbled upon an old email related to this usenet post and got a bit nostalgic about my LED sign and its roots. I ended up googling a while and actually discovered some other people that have done similar things: Todd cracked the checksum (or something) on his sign's firmware Josh Burley has a freshmeat project about his sign software hacks. devito-p has a tripod (yuk!) page and links related to the signs. Maybe Silent Radio isn't really dead and maybe it lives on? There are listings for "Silent Radio" in southern CA and at least one Mike Levin in CA. There are apparently still companies that are selling SilentRadio signs, although they look newer (ie. multi lines, multi colors). The real question, though, is what happened to Mike Levin? Why do I even care? Is it related to that cryptic message that Julian sent me in 1999? Maybe I've somehow inappropriately romanticized the whole situation? Maybe the human side of the story is ultimately more interesting than the technology... Thoughts?