nzbperl released, other project status

Mon Jun 20 2005 23:40:10 GMT-0700 (Pacific Daylight Time)

So I released the next version of nzbperl tonite. Pretty happy with it overall...we'll have to wait and see how the users receive it. I got the replacement part for the Behringer amp, but I still haven't really had a chance to swap it no telling if it will work. The night was just too right tonight, couldn't waste it in front of the iron. Stacy and I busted out the new mini grill and ate out back to enjoy the nice least until the mosquitos kicked in. I finished soldering/gluing the ghetto drum pads yesterday, and it's quite nice to have it done, but it looks like I have a bad connection on 1 of the 8 pads, so I guess I'll rework it. We lost Lucy yesterday. :(