It was a hot mutha today

Thu Aug 04 2005 22:34:18 GMT-0700 (Pacific Daylight Time)

I heard 95 from some sources, and 102 from others. In any case, especially without A/C, it was a hot mutha. After putting in some time and maybe $3 (fuses) + $6 (power amp IC) + $60 (speaker) and $6 (misc screws), the amp is back in like-new-but-refurbished condition! Thanks Dust! I hope to have a new nzbperl out in a few days. Perl threads are just a hassle, and as it turns out, you can't (I can't?) properly set an environment from a thread and pass it on to an external proggie. Fucking weak. I guess I'll end up working with it...or rather, around it. Stacy got me a sub to Make, which is actually much cooler than I had expected (a coworker of mine gave me a copy that I ended up talking Stacy's ear off about). Between that and the Circuit Cellar sub, I should have enough reading material to pass the bus time...although I'm WAY less inclined to take public transport in 102degF weather. Not only is the heat deathly annoying, but there seems to be some NW fad around not properly showering and/or applying deodorant. Dumb. I also managed to finally sync up w/ Eric (antbrainworm) the other night and get a 3-CD copy of the PDX noisefest this year. I'm hoping to get clearance from the players and get it posted to for everybody's enjoyment. It's going to require some work (listening, removing a handlful of minor minidisc stall gaps), but hopefully in the next month or two I can get it done. Oh yeah, and wtf is wrong with snd-virmidi kernel module??? Why am I the only person having these issues? I did a lot of googling and turned up squat. Fryingpan? Fire? FIIK.