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Sorry Vimeo

Wed Feb 22 2023 20:54:20 GMT-0800 (Pacific Standard Time)

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Many years ago now (a lifetime in internet years), this really fun, accessible, site called Vimeo sprung up, allowing creative folks to post video content. It was kinda like YouTube, before Google really made YouTube into whatever the hell it is now. Vimeo had a lot of polished, intentionally artful content, and it also seemed to be friendly to makers and hackers and stuff. I dunno. Apparently it struggled to find itself, to find its niche or place of sustainability in the world of fledgling video streaming sites. Back when sites didn't have to be services. Back before everything was trying to demand subscriptions for bemusing, mundane or purely educational content.

Anyway, it seems that Vimeo has probably been on its last leg for several years now, presumably sold off and passed along to whoever is trying to save it from itself. To maximize profits over people. Same shit. Different company.

These things happen. One "important" expensive person makes a "tough decision" and then entire communities of content disappear, sometimes overnight.

I don't know what has or will happen with Vimeo per se, but it seems to be on the way out and I don't wanna stick around to find out. In fact, I haven't for years.

So I pulled my old content down and have it archived here in a personal vimeo archive now. It's not that big, hosting it should be fine.