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Monday, March 26th 2001 11:24pm

Did some more work on ChachScan. Filtering is slowly coming together. I've still got a lot of work to do on it, but it's closer. The configuration screen now allows creating/saving/deleting of filters, and the main screen now has a combo for available filters. They just don't work yet. :) I also started changing things up to allow for a user-configuable maximum server number...I consider this A Good Thing.

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Sunday, March 25th 2001 5:20pm

Well, after ignoring it for several months, I have finally opened the ChachScan project back up. I'm going to try and implement some filtering and add a few small(er) features and iron out some of the bugs before putting out version 1.1. Once I do that, I'd like to get some beta testers and then, provided it passes my release standards, publicise it and get it hosted somewhere. More later...

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Wednesday, March 21st 2001 8:02pm

I "finished" (is anything I work on ever actually "finished"?) my new directory indexing script. Apache is cool in that it will display directory contents right out-of-the-box...but the interface was pissing me off. Specifically, I kept getting pissed off at the fact that it would truncate long filenames way too short (really annoying with long MP3 filenames) and I just didn't like the overall look.

So I wrote a replacement in PHP. You will notice the changes if you access my protected directory contents. If you want a copy or want to look at the source, just send me email.

As usual, I probably spent way too much time on it...but I consider it nice and I like how configurable it is.

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Wednesday, March 21st 2001 7:57pm

I'm so damn stoked!!! I bought tickets for SONIC YOUTH for May 4th in Dallas! Fuck yeah! SY is most certainly one of those bands I swore I would have to see before they stopped touring or broke up. You can't ignore their serious influence on the punk rock and grunge sounds, and I really dig their newer experimental sounds. I've been listening to more and more SY in the last year or so, and I haven't seen a single show in so let me just say again: I'M STOKED!

If you're reading this, then consider yourself invited. I think we already have a full car and complete weekend plans, but I'd really like have as many of my buddies along for the show. I bought my tix online through ticketbastard, er, ticketmaster, so expect the usual "convenience fee" (oxymoron?) crap that comes along with that.

I consider it quite lame that a band like Sonic Youth has to resort to using those dorks...but I guess that's the way it goes.

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Monday, March 19th 2001 4:21pm

Lemme just start off by saying that I'm writing this from work. This job is torture. I couldn't be less happy. Misery is too simple of a word to descibe this agony. I want out. I want to leave this pit and do something interesting. I have no motivation. I get no rewards. There are no real challenges, and the challenges that occasionally crop up aren't the kind I enjoy dealing with. I guess I'll just continue waiting and hoping for something more enjoyable.

It will happen...eventually. I just hope this job hasn't made me too damn stupid by then.

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Saturday, March 3rd 2001 10:12am

Well...if you're looking for anything that I host across to my Winderz box (mainly my digital camera images), it's going to be temporarily unavailable this weekend. Why you ask? Simple! My Winderz box (aka main gaming/killin' machine) has been temporarily relocated to the ChaosLAN. Sorry for the inconvenience. Now back to the killin'...

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Wednesday, February 28th 2001 11:55pm

I put up my latest creation...the Text Terminal screen saver can be found here. It's not exactly what I wanted, but it's pretty damn close...and was completed with a minimal amount of effort. It's not nearly as cool as phosphor running in Linux with curl pointed at the web voyeur...but I like it nonetheless.

I guess overall it was a good exercise in just how painful it is to work directly with the Windows API...lesson learned!

Anyway, I like it as a screen saver. The web voyeur stuff just fascinates me. Stop reading this and go download it or something.