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Wednesday, May 9th 2001 11:11pm

Well, it's been a few days since I got back from the Sonic Youth show in Dallas on the 4th...I figured I should just take some time to try and convey just how amazing it was. I have more respect for SY now than ever...they are truly artists!

They played an amazing set, although it was pretty short at 90 minutes. I could have listened all night. They played a good number of songs from "NYC Ghosts & Flowers" and also managed to play many of the oldies but goodies. I think the most phenomenial moment came at the end of NYCG&F when they produced this growing wall of sound. I think it's pretty pointless for me to even try and explain what this sounded like. All I can say is that it was the FULLEST sound I think I have ever heard. Very strange. They wrapped up the encore with "Drunken Butterfly" and I was really blown away. This goes down as absolutely one of the best shows I have seen. Period.

I picked up the ultra-hard-to-find Negativland "U2" CD while in Dallas. I paid way too much for it, and now I'm a bit sceptical as to whether or not it is authentic. I wish I had a way of knowing (if you know of a way, please let me know). If it's not an original, it's a really damn good copy.

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Saturday, April 28th 2001 7:19pm

Well, I may have to kill my 150 day uptime on my linux box tomorrow to throw in some more RAM I think I found (should get me up to 64Mb, but I'm not *exactly* sure yet). I also might put in a different (read: working) CD-ROM drive to replace the shitty broken Creative drive that's in there now. I'm getting impatient about trying RedHat 7.1, but I guess I'm in no real rush...

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Tuesday, April 24th 2001 8:24am

Well, I never got around to showing these off, but stm imported me into NHL2k1 a while back, and the results are pretty interesting. Check them out here and here.

Ok, so maybe it doesn't look exactly like me, but I think the results are still pretty interesting. :)

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Wednesday, April 18th 2001 9:55pm

I actually sent email to Meg Lee Chin. It's not like she'll actually respond personally or anything, so I guess it's not a big deal. I feel like such a kid though...I haven't sent fan mail in ages.

On a completely different note...can freedom really be obtained through mass quantities of 486's?

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Sunday, April 15th 2001 10:44am

I changed around how some of the web site works. I don't have apache sending all html files through php any was probably just a bad idea, but made some things more convenient. It was a bunch of maintenance work, but overall it wasn't too bad. If you notice anything that's broken, please lemme know.

I have also finished setting up mirroring for ChachScan over to Chaos. Nice.

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Monday, March 26th 2001 11:24pm

Did some more work on ChachScan. Filtering is slowly coming together. I've still got a lot of work to do on it, but it's closer. The configuration screen now allows creating/saving/deleting of filters, and the main screen now has a combo for available filters. They just don't work yet. :) I also started changing things up to allow for a user-configuable maximum server number...I consider this A Good Thing.

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Sunday, March 25th 2001 5:20pm

Well, after ignoring it for several months, I have finally opened the ChachScan project back up. I'm going to try and implement some filtering and add a few small(er) features and iron out some of the bugs before putting out version 1.1. Once I do that, I'd like to get some beta testers and then, provided it passes my release standards, publicise it and get it hosted somewhere. More later...