Robotron 2084: Best. Game. Ever.

Fri Sep 05 2003 14:42:12 GMT-0700 (PDT)

All the ladies get saucy when they eyeball my burlitude! If only they knew what the future holds. Gonna buy me a truck and do some backyard wrastlin fer sure! Boring update: I finally got around to modifying the weblog. The items were previously sorted in ascending order, with the most recent article being '1'. The downside to this approach is that new postings would "shift" all the numbers of the other articles. Sure, that's fine for viewing -- but bad for search engine crawlers and bookmarks. Doh. So it should be fixed today. Big money for the best 500-word essay on the definition of "They be trippin out the flows".

"I believe in nihilism."

Thu Aug 28 2003 12:15:42 GMT-0700 (PDT)

I almost ate a spider this morning. ...and I'm not even kidding.

Today, I put up a little stats page for the evil habit. Yay. Track my progress. Just keep in mind that progress is inversely proportional to frustration level. Here's to friends. Remote and close. Online and offline. Cheers.

As promised, and yes, Texas still sucks. Ass.

Sat Aug 16 2003 18:14:09 GMT-0700 (PDT)

As promised, I put the linkpile sidebar up. The things I put up already arent't too it should get better (whatever that means) as time progresses. Now I have a nice empty space along the right-side of my page...just waiting to be filled with...uh...something. It'll happen, give it time. I've come to realize that even though I frequently hate my site and the content and the layout and the could really be much worse. It's actually developed nicely over the years, I suppose. I just have a difficult time giving myself credit for anything. They're having a big block party thing next door. The rawk is loud. I'm going to eat some Mexican food with the 'rents in a little bit to get away from the trash.

Sure, detached and old, but enjoying Interpol.

Thu Aug 07 2003 20:27:08 GMT-0700 (PDT)

Well, it's a slow and somewhat steady process, but maybe the new lab-slash-office is starting to come together.

I've been listening to Interpol. A lot. I suppose they have a lot of exposure (actually, I have no fucking clue), but damn if I'm not feeling it. I think I've decided to go see them when they play here in the next few months.

And so Lubbsucks. And Tex-sux. And the book says we may be through with the past, but the past is not through with us.

I started writing a little linkpile sidebar for the entire site. A quick and dirty way to escape my mutterings. No clue when it will be done, but hopefully it can serve as a dump for me to throw things that I find interesting.

So I tried and tried but just couldn't bring myself to go a month without posting. Two days short. Oh fucken well.

We moved into the new place. Only here can you catch a few glimpses of the final days of in it's previous location. What a clusterfuck. It makes me realize just how tiny that room really was.

I ordered some lights from a really cool company and they ended up sending me some nice little extras...including some anatomy postcards and some Nightmare Before Christmas arrow-thru-the-head party hats. Neets. I thought the postcards were so damn cool that I had to make a nice frame for them.

It's been hot as all fuck up in the Northwest. I'm serious. Insanity. I cannot even remember the last time I saw a drop of rain. I feel like I've been sweating for a month straight. The computers in this room generally keep the temperature at least 10degrees or so hotter than the rest of the house. Just wonderful.

Oh yeah, and by the way, don't mess with a man on The Patch.

Whoops, sorry...

Mon Jun 23 2003 05:57:25 GMT-0700 (PDT)

Not that you even noticed, but the server had some serious downtime yesterday after I decided to dick with kernel modules from a remote location. Sure enough, panic...hang. Doh. More down time expected in the next few weeks as things get hectic. Hopefully I can provide a little warning.

Jaw open. Agape is it were.

Mon Jun 16 2003 21:52:05 GMT-0700 (PDT)

So the spanish-language movie rental places are very weird. I happened to be in front of one this evening. Picture a lot of posters with mean looking guys holding guns. Lots of guys with guns. The central theme seemed to be guys with guns. Revolvers, six-shooters, machine guns, pistols, rifles, and shotguns. Picture them. And then picture some burly-ass manly man holding one or more. That's right. Dudes with guns. I think I could probalby script one of those flicks. So, I've concluded that the absolute worst and best thing ever created is pure-data, otherwise known as pd. Forgive me if I sound like memepool here, but "If you have ears, you need to check out pd". It's an obsession. Goddamn that thing is rad slash insane...and I never thought I'd say this, but I wish somebody would have shoved that app down my throat while I was in school. I would have learned a lot more...that's for damn sure. Oh yeah, and I posted pictures from the house we should have in less than a month. Yeah, the pictures suck, but go look anyway. It's gonna be home. I think I confirmed today that will most likely have one or more days of downtime, and will also be reduced to a 640k upstream. Such is life. If a better option comes along in the future, I'll probably take it...but for now, I think that it's the best we can do.

houses and ioctl and overworkingsleeplessness...

Wed Jun 11 2003 21:27:53 GMT-0700 (PDT)

Today ioctl() (the debut album by Infiltration Lab) is released for general consumption. Some of you will be getting CDs in the mail. Listen or ignore. Still no updates on bookmarks, lube mole, or the doggie toy device (which I think I've named carebear). Time is limited. House buying equals time suckedness.

Bookmarks, p2p, and noise.

Fri May 30 2003 19:51:10 GMT-0700 (PDT)

So I've been working on some code related to bookmarks. Specifically, Mozilla bookmarks, XBEL, and a php interface...with ways to convert between the formats. I'm actually pretty happy with what I've hacked up so far, but nothing to release yet. Check back soon I time allows. I've also been thinking a lot about peer-to-peer systems lately, and I'm in the process of putting together some thoughts on it/them. It might make a good article one day...if I can ever finish it. Again, no general availability, just something I thought I'd mention since I've given it a small amount of time. And lastly, I hacked apart this insane little doggie toy. It was originally a bear that had a little blob circuit and 6V worth of button batteries and made a growling sound. It got much better once the batteries got low. So I gave it a new home inside what used to be an ultrasonic mouse repellant (btw, don't ever buy one of those, they REALLY don't work, trust me and the mouse that sat under it). It make some interesting noises now. Handheld noise. No page yet, no samples or images yet, maybe tonight I'll throw something up.