It's a quick like quickie, Feliz.

Wed Dec 24 2003 16:52:37 GMT-0800 (Pacific Standard Time)

So, for many (defined as 0 < many < 120) months now I've been thinking about something related to sound. And music. Or noise. And I remember when I downloaded Negativland's U2 (which, for the novice, you simply could not find because of the BANNED status) in .au format on a Sun workstation and my headphones roared in 1992...but then it's like a car crash and all the skidding and smoking tires and broken glass led me right smack dab into Epitonic. Shit!

Salvation for free. Breaking news! Join us on 12/25 for the exclusive!

Thu Dec 18 2003 22:41:28 GMT-0800 (Pacific Standard Time)

If you happen to have $16,000 laying around and you really want to impress me this CHRISTmas season, how about mindfucking me with this bad-boy or my aboslute all-time dream car? That's right...the same seller. Yowza. I'd be broke if I was rich. I'd be funny and ironic if I wasn't so serious. Seriously, though, I think I'm in the market for a califone or maybe a true black vintage fone. I'm gonna burn in hell. Tis the season to be greedy.

The Bird Man of Alcatraz versus FPI/UNICOR.

Mon Dec 15 2003 08:19:49 GMT-0800 (Pacific Standard Time)

So mostly, life's been pretty good I suppose. The last day of my 9-year stint with OSC is on Tuesday, and I start my new job on Wednesday. "No break for me!" It's strange, but I'm actually pretty nervous about being the new guy [again]. I'm looking forward to getting out of the house more, though, and I'm very excited about working for such a modern, forward-looking company. Yes, sure, it's a weird time to change jobs...but it just feels right. The downside is going to be remembering a grip of new names, wearing clothes that I would never wear otherwise, commuting, and managing parking and lunches...but overall, this is a good move for me. I'm ready to go forward. And now is the part of our program where I link whore: Lots of lengthy and interesting information about FPI/Unicor can be found here (and continued on for several linked pages here). Just in case you were interested. EM411 is a pretty decent little electro-music co-op site where people spin virtual knobs on laptops. One thing they didn't teach you in art school is that Joseph Beuys made a 7" and accompanying video in the 1980s. Crappy and beautiful in its catchiness. Note the new linkpile items for r4nd and wolf eyes. Nullpointer is doing amazing things by cross-breeding an artist's asthetic with source code and gameboys. These guys have made some crazy good pieces, which I'm pretty sure somehow includes the mind-blowing (WebTV)/).

Time for some snowboarding!

Wed Nov 19 2003 10:00:41 GMT-0800 (Pacific Standard Time)

Man, the snow is really coming down now! I wonder if it will stick?

Part of me just wants to let that crazy puppy outside because I know he'll freak out. It's gotta happen eventually I suppose...:)


Fri Nov 14 2003 10:31:47 GMT-0800 (Pacific Standard Time)

There's a cat mauling a dead squirrel in the neighbors backyard. Yuck! I never really considered cats and squirrels to be enemies...until now. You learn something new every day.

Coffee and pie -- the breakfast of fat-ass champions.

Fri Nov 14 2003 09:49:41 GMT-0800 (Pacific Standard Time)

So I guess I haven't posted since we got our puppy a few weeks ago. It's crazy how fast those little bastards grow at that age. Sure, I suppose he's cute, but he's certainly a handful. I can't think of the last full night of sleep I've had.

I finally decided to get out of the house and make a trip to Fry's Electronics the other night. I had truly forgotten just how insanely huge that place is, and the variety of products is just mind boggling. I left the store without spending a penny, but I knew that I could have spent $100k without even breaking a sweat. I spent quite a few minutes drooling over the tiny little Sony VAIO laptop Mac knockoff thingies. Wow. I haven't really been that impressed with a piece of equipment in a long long time. Now if only I could find $2300 just laying in the street...

Should I go see KMFDM when the play in a couple weeks? I think I should...who knows if I'll ever get the chance again. I wonder if there are still tickets...bah. I know Pigface is coming very soon too...I guess it's time to start saving.

Last weekend, my bro and Heather came down for a weekend visit. She pointed me to shirley & spinoza radio, which I guess she found somehow via the noisybox linkpile. Crazy neet stuff!

car ear change thumbsup

There's no easy way to deal. You just do.

Sat Oct 25 2003 18:01:20 GMT-0700 (Pacific Daylight Time)

We got back on Tuesday after being out of town. We're going to be planting a memorial tree (which Larry and my mom got for us) in back in memory of Eileen. New photos posted about our house and the golden retrievers we visited this afternoon. It looks like we'll be closing the deal in the next few weeks.

FSWTGA -- thanks Leslie...she who coined HTLP. Scrub me mama with that boogie beat!

Wed Oct 08 2003 23:53:28 GMT-0700 (Pacific Daylight Time)

Hello October, I've been missing you. got a new, o-hallows themed intro. Evidently, I'm a clown, and I always have been. Makes sense, I suppose. After 3 months and 4 days (that's well over a fiscal [you ever notice that fiscal is close to fecal?] quarter), the noisybox dot net LED sign is finally back in operation. I reworked the wiring harness this evening and separated the RS232 cable from the power cable, and I made a 30' RS232 cable (running at 115200bps I might add). The weather module still hasn't been updated though. I should change that, because gkrellm says it's 55F, which is a very pleasant temp indeed. I will have the crappy webcam up shortly, provided I can make a ghetto cat5 cable carry USB like 25-30 feet and obtain some adaptors/ends (goddamn, USB is only like 5 or 8 pins, no?) I saw Underworld the other day...and goddamn if that wasn't a really really good flick. I had very low expectations, and I mostly expected an action-packed Trillian vamp character rip-off...but (without spoiling too much anyway) it really wasn't. I walked out of the theatre knowing that Underworld was what Blade fucking should have been. Sorry guys, I don't care how much you liked your precious Blade, this movie was a thousand times better. And I discovered that Bubba Ho-tep is playing downtown here, and I should really go and see that while I can....but I'm putting in a yard and I'm trying desperately to design a slide-angle tester and I'm working (no, that's not mine, phew) quite a bit and travelling soon and generally trying to get things in order. It'll get comfy, I promise.

Welcome to Oregon! It's fucking hot here! Enjoy your stay.

Mon Sep 29 2003 00:24:07 GMT-0700 (Pacific Daylight Time)

What better way to relax after a weekend of fence building and a night of assembly coding than with a smooth game of Aztec?


That game is hard. Damn hard. In the above screen, I've been trapped and the ceiling has decided to start dropping on me. After all these years, I forgot to use the dynamite to blow a hole in the wall or floor and ultimately met my demise. :)

I agree -- the worst part of Aztec seems to be the keyboard layout. I'm convinced that it's actually random. I used to play Aztec for hours.

dedication; lucky lies and greatness*

Fri Sep 26 2003 17:27:08 GMT-0700 (Pacific Daylight Time)

We've reached a time where luck is irrelevant. Greatness is now derived solely through consistent work, practice, and ultimate dedication. At this point in history, accomplishments are exposed, experienced, and measured only through hard work and repetition. Just a mere N years ago, there was still room for chance. Luck still played a role. Coincidence and fate have died. Luck is dead. Exposure and appreciation are the results of life's work. This wasn't always the case. 100 years ago, you could go out walking in a jungle, trip over some new species of slug, and you would get a huge write-up in Rainforest Quarterly. It's all been done before. You have to work your ass off nowadays for recognition...and even then, it's not assured. What was the last thing you created outside of your job or school? When was the last time you built something, by yourself, for yourself, and not because you had a deadline or it paid well or a semester was ending...but because you were curious or passionate or desparate? Go do this now please. Thank you. *These statements do not make any implications regarding quality.