Texas Tech School Work

The following is a set of links to school-related information. There are exams for previous classes that I have taken, technical papers that I have written (primarily for EE project laboratories), and programming projects.

Class: EE5367 - Image Processing

Instructor: Hamed Sari-Sarraf
Term: Spring 2000

Class: CS5353 - Compiler Construction

Instructor: Dr. Dan Cooke
Term: Spring 2000

Class: CS3352 - Systems Programming

Instructor: Dr. Gustafson
Term: Spring 1999

Class: CS3461 - Concepts of Programming Languages

Instructor: Dr. Cooke
Term: Spring, 1999

Class: EE3333 - Project Laboratory III

Instructor: Dr. Portnoy

Class: CS3450

Instructor: Benitez-Lopez
Term: Fall, 1997

Class: CS2464

Instructor: Jon Bergin
Term: Fall, 1997