Little Richard Spider

Tue Jul 30 2019 21:00:00 GMT-0700 (Pacific Daylight Time)

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little richard spider

I learned last night that Little Richard recorded a horrifying rendition of "The Itsy Bitsy Spider" in 1991 on Disney CD to support a pediatric AIDS foundation. Thanks Nate! While the cause is honorable, the content is certainly questionable. It almost kinda includes Debbie Gibson, but aside from a brief flop on the piano and some childish dancing, the contribution remains unclear.

In any case, Little Richard is one of the masters of the grunt/whoop/wat style of singing/ I tried a very low-effort cutup. The rap in the middle got some special attention. Enjoy!

Background: 5 years ago I decided to guide a soundwalk for World Listening Day.

5 years later, I decided to do it again.

My employer is awesome. We are encouraged as part of our happy employment and ongoing professional development to engage in "thrive time" -- essentially expansive work that may not be directly related to daily business deliverables, but work that makes us better, stronger, healthier, and happier. I offered this sound walk.

Here is the recording I made on World Listening Day in 2019 in Portland, OR. It's a binaural recording, so listening on headphones with little/no background sound works best.

Click the link above or listen to it here:

See you next year for WLD.

This pin entry keypad is bonkers

Tue Jun 25 2019 20:36:49 GMT-0700 (Pacific Daylight Time)

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True story: This was the pin prompting keypad today at the local convenience store:


I bet there's a crazy story about how the hell that came to exist!

a portland scene

Mon Apr 08 2019 21:31:15 GMT-0700 (Pacific Daylight Time)

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Not my writing..but I did find this scene above the Steele this evening...


Dry ice in a metal popcorn bowl

Thu Apr 04 2019 20:45:00 GMT-0700 (Pacific Daylight Time)

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Earlier this month at the end of a Dorkbot meeting, somebody had a chunk of dry ice. I put it into the empty popcorn bowl and recorded it.

Click the link above or listen to it here:


A Golding Institute Williams Street Connection

Sat Feb 09 2019 00:20:45 GMT-0800 (Pacific Standard Time)

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I was digitizing some of my CDs and ran across this gem that I had forgotten about:


It's a strange and fantastic recording that I won't get into here...but I guess I had never realized that Gregg Turkington was involved in this record! What a great surprise. A couple of quick searches later, and I learned that there were several Golding Institute releases and they are all basically just him.

When I opened the cover to take out the disc, I saw this logo on the inside of the insert:


Huh!? What!?

That sure seems familiar. Isn't that the Williams Street logo from the end of all those Adult Swim shows?


Well, no, it's not exactly the same. But it sure is close. I also learned from the internet that the Williams Street logo was originally shown on/after an episode of Space Ghost and is somehow a depiction of the fictional studio from which Space Ghost operates? There is some conflicting information, but the logo is now easily 20 years old, originating in 1999 or before.

So, what if I take the Golding Institute logo and flip it horizontally?


And then remove the text and ground, and apply some digital photocopy effects and monkey with the brightness and contrast a few times:


That's looking VERY close to the Williams Street logo to me! Let's go ahead and scale them the same and toggle between so that we can see just how similar they are:


It's too close to be a coincidence...right? Sure, the Williams Street logo is way more washed out and has lost a bunch of detail...but everything else lines up. The perspective is the same, the window count, the number, shape, and position of the window shadows on the right side, the end of the building on both sides, the height.

So what's going on here? Did they each originate independently from some common clip art? I find it hard to believe, given the common element in Gregg Turkington (who produced the record and also appears on Adult Swim). It's odd to me: The record came out in 2006, and the Williams Street logo came out in the mid/late 90s. Is there an even more interesting story here? What is up with this?

No Dogs

Fri Feb 08 2019 22:45:01 GMT-0800 (Pacific Standard Time)

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That's a weird looking dog!


Secret Santa 2018

Thu Dec 27 2018 22:16:00 GMT-0800 (Pacific Standard Time)

tags: xmas sculpture secretsanta chimera creepy

I sculpted a creepy chimera creature for my secret santa victim this year.

I wrote a project page for it and you can get all the detail over there.

Happy holidays!

Stupid wrench ingenuity

Sun Dec 23 2018 16:59:26 GMT-0800 (Pacific Standard Time)

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A couple of weeks ago the piston in my stupid home office chair gave out. It would still raise up, but it would slowly lose height after just a few sits... and before I knew it I'd be sitting at the computer typing with my hands up around my neck.

Sure enough, youtube gave some repair tips and I discovered that you could buy replacement cylinders online pretty inexpensively. As with every single repair video online -- it looks easy...right?

Well yeah, in concept, the repair is simple. Turn the chair over, knock the feet/base off the cylinder with a mallet and then wrench out the cylinder from the seat. Easy enough. Here in reality, though, it required pounding the living shit out of the cylinder bottom with a mini sledgehammer to free it from the bottom/feet. Once that as accomplished, the next step was to wrench the cylinder free from the chair seat. Most tutorials call for a pipe wrench, which I apparently do not own. Next up...the large channel locks.

I tried and tried and wrenched and pried. Nothing. Not a budge. It was made worse by the fact that the back of the chair (when laying flat on cement) has two curved supports that rock back and forth. I gave it my all, probably hurt myself in the process, but nothing worked.

It was almost 9pm, so very little chance of easily getting/borrowing a pipe wrench.

Time to get creative. Normally a plumber might use a cheater bar to add some length to the wrench handle to get some bonus leverage. In my case with the channel locks, though, I had two stupid handles to deal with. I searched through the shop and came up with two scrap pieces of steel electrical conduit, slid them over the grips of the channel locks, and made something that looked like this:


(each handle is about 4 feet long)

I had to steady the two curved chair supports, so I put a 2x4 across it, stood/balanced on it, and started cranking as hard as I possibly could on this stupid but maybe stupidly clever monstrosity that I had created. On the 3rd or 4th attempt it actually worked! Once the old cylinder budged a little, it was pretty easy to remove.

The new cylinder was pressure fit into place and the chair works almost like new.

I don't recommend this -- you should always try and use the right tool for the job. But if you don't have the tool or, in some cases, the tool doesn't exist helps to be creative. And stupid.

Staycation 2018

Sun Dec 09 2018 21:26:27 GMT-0800 (Pacific Standard Time)

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So I took a staycation! And this time, it was voluntary!

People are often curious about staycations -- asking "What did you get up to? What did you get done?".
I'm not sure why -- maybe they're just nosy, but maybe it's because I always have so many projects in the air and I talk about my interests all the time? Maybe people just love the idea of a staycation. I dunno.

In any case...for my own fulfillment and sense of GSD, I decided to log some of the high points of my staycation. I feel pretty good about it overall. :)

In no real order:

  • I made pretty great bánh mì for my home team. We had some pork chops that needed to be utilized, so I ended up marinading them in a lemongrass/fish sauce potion and quick-pickled some carrots and radishes and made sandwiches with the usual bánh mì gear. They turned out super delicious and I think I will never not marinade pork chops.

  • Hung our xmas lights. Honestly, I probably only actually realize that it's winter and frigging cold when I have to take warm-up breaks during light hanging. Every. Single. Year.

  • Updated the DEQ/registration on the 20-year old car (and the only car I've owned). Another stupid-yet-necessary yearly ritual. In the interest of staying positive and constant learning, I chatted with the DEQ guy and learned that failing vehicles will emit a code(s?) that vehicle owners then take to mechanics to do adjustments. That sounded awful...and I started pondering this later as I caused our car to emit a squeely sound as I hit the gas hard. Hmmm. #thisisfine

  • Topped off the wiper fluid in the car. Yup. AMAZING! Not really, but since we park outside under a pine tree we end up using it a lot.

  • Spent most of Tuesday volunteering with Futel to finish installing a public free payphone on NE Killingsworth (near 12th).
    You should check it out and call your mom (or the operator) and leave voicemail and listen to LPC. It looks like this:


  • Made a pretty solid beef stew in the InstantPot. Isn't that like the first thing you're supposed to make? Well, meh, I finally did that...and I tossed in a ton of weird/variety mushrooms that I got in a pack. Between the thyme (maybe I used too much?) and the gross-ass-shrooms...I wasn't that into it...but it was hearty. Ok, it was pretty good.

  • My comic backlog is pretty out of control, so I took some time to get caught up on a few things. Like Prism Stalker (which is amazing and beautiful) and Plastic (which has been sitting waiting for over a year). I don't read that much...but when I do, there are pictures...which I can enjoy while....

  • a backlog of sounds. So. Many. Podcasts (and radio shows). And sounds. And music. So much everything, always. After binging on Shit Town I also was stoked on this Negativland Vicki Bennett anniversay thing and some Institute of Spectra-Sonic Sound (which I wish was a snarfable podcast) and this recent :zoviet*france: live set and this radio show that LPC did with Negativland and the new Xiu Xiu video (I was stoked to learn that Thor drummed on the upcoming album) and probably several more things I'm forgetting...

  • I attended a parent meeting about middle school safety/climate/culture...and sent emails, and read emails, and planned meetings. We also volunteered to walk around the middle school for 20 minutes to serve as recess monitors. While being notably different from elementary school, wasn't too crazy...just more fuckwords and clandestine cellphones. #dadstuff

  • Got some sweet hot mud drywall repair done in our kitchen and stairs from Ruben Cortez Drywall, who was prompt, reasonable, and kinda excessively (funnily?) chatty.

  • Attended HH with some friends/colleagues who all got fired from Adidas with me a year ago. Great people, good times, harsh nostalgia. ///

  • Hung with my cousin and his partner in their new place which is only about 5 minutes by bike! We went late...and I have seriously not laughed that hard in so so many years. This.

  • We stalked/hunted a wild xmas tree from a parking lot, much like our ancestors. It's a real beauty! At least that's what Stacy's FB feed says.

  • After 10 years, I finally managed to stitch+sync audio with video for a show that I played on KBOO in May 2008. I got it uploaded to youtube and and maybe one day I'll finish reworking and host it there too. Big thanks to earfeast (2) for getting a huge/rad 1080p recording before it was reasoanble. :)

  • It's the holiday season, so in keeping with tradition, I watched Jason Eisner's "Treevenge". Nothing else can ever get me in the xmas spirit like that brutal short film.

  • Went to a birthday party for my 1-year-old niece, who is frigging adorable. I got to rock her to sleep for a nap and watch her eat cheesecake. What a joy!

  • I hand-sewed 3 patches on my kitchen apron. It always takes longer than I estimate, and my fingers are always cramped and sore after. It kinda looks like this:


I definitely had a different view/perspective/appreciation of the staycation after being laid off last year. I haven't been squarely project focused. I pace myself. I think thoughts and carve a mild trajectory, knowing full well that it's all subject to change at a moment's notice. I feel like a dad. I celebrate small victories and enjoy the variety and base excitement where I can find it.
Positivity. Regardless.